Hello there! Welcome to the Friday Five, a weekly post listing 5 things that I thought were cool, brought me joy, or just seemed all around interesting.


I got a new phone! I bought the iPhone SE (because it still has the button on the front and I don't want to use FaceID). It's smaller and definitely fits in the tiny pockets of lady jeans.

Note: I learned the hard way, but you should definitely make sure you have all of your auth tokens (Duo, Google Authenticator, etc) set up on your new phone before sending in your old phone.


This video that perfectly depicts how we all felt at the beginning of social distancing versus now.


This amazing picture of my favorite view of downtown Des Moines.


The awesome face mask I ordered from a black creative I stumbled upon while scrolling through Twitter.

You can find them here.


I've started the journey of teaching myself how to do sketch notes. I'll probably write a longer post about it later, but I wanted to find a way to (1) release creative energy and (2) be more engaged during presentations. Follow my progress on Twitter!