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#StandupSaturday: The Catch Up

Antoinette Stevens
Antoinette Stevens

I started doing #StandupSaturday a couple of months ago to discover new non-male, non-white comedians. I realized my own point of reference for comedy was very male or very white or both and I wanted to change that. Initially, I would look up youtube videos and watch specials every Saturday. That is not sustainable for me but I can commit to one Saturday a month. I am now naming the last Saturday of every month at the Standup Saturday. It is the day we will watch clips or specials and celebrate comedy.

I have a bit of a backlog so I'm going to just bring us up to date by adding them all here.

Standup Saturday Spotlight: Sam Jay, Phoebe Robinson, Aparna Nancherla
Watch Sam Jay's Full Special on Netflix
Standup Saturday: Paris Sashay and Yamaneika Sanders
Standup Saturday: Tacarra Williams and Dulce Sloan