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Hey! I'm Antoinette. Nice to meet you, kinda. I'm a security engineer (tech stuff) for a company in San Fransico, living in Iowa with my partner and pup, but originally from Georgia. If I had to sum up my "brand", it's technology advocate. I love helping people who are new to tech learn new things. I've taught classes on learning how to write Python code. I've given seminars to assisted living communities about how to use Facebook and Skype. I sit on the board for dsmHack and I'm an acitve member of SecDSM. I live and breathe the mission of making tech accessible and approachable to all.

Outside of that, I'm also a comedian! It's a new thing for me. I started in February 2020 with a class at Teehee's Comedy Club right here in Des Moines. Since then I've done many shows and even produced and hosted my own show. Limited by COVID, I spend a lot of my time writing new material that I hope to deliver to large audiences all over the country when it's safe.

Oh, and I cook. I'm trying to learn how to write my own recipes so you'll see a sprinkling of that here. Enjoy!